Welcome to Lesson 2

In today's lesson we will learn how to:

  • Design a flow chart for your catch the clown game
  • Use events and actions to control our game objects
  • Keep using the user guide and videos to create an accurate sequence of instructions

What are objects? Remember objects do stuff in our game but to make them do stuff we need to add events and actions to the objects. Events and Actions make objects work in our game!

What are events? An event is kind of like a message sent to an object to say something has happened. In this game an event for the clown object would be when the player clicks the mouse on the clown. When this happens a message is sent to the clown object saying 'hey someone has just clicked on you, what are you going to do now?'

What are actions? When an event happens sometimes objects need to take an action or lots of actions for that event. Action make an object or parts of your game maker game behave in a certain way!

Events and actions in the catch the clown game: In the game we are making an event would be when we click the mouse button to try and Catch the Clown. When we click on the clown the actions that we need to take are add to our game score (a set score relative action) and make our clown go faster (a move faster action) so the game gets harder. Use the Catch the Clown User Guide number 7-11 to see how to create the clown object and add events and actions to make the Clown work in our game.

Click here to see the introduction presentation for this lesson * Please look at this during you lunch time club