Here's what to do in today's lesson for the main task

In the next 3 lessons we will be creating a game called catch the clown to help use learn about Game Maker software. There's a user guide and some videos showing you exactly what to do to create the game. Use which ever suits you best and follow the teacher's instructions to create an accurate sequence of instructions and a working game. Enjoy!

You should complete steps 1 to 8 of the user guide. Click here to open the user guide. If you can work on past that on your own go ahead! You should know some of the stuff about how to control the game already of you read and understand how events and actions work so test yourself to see how much of the game you can complete. If you need any help you can use the videos below.

If you don't complete steps 1 to 8 in today's lesson you can go to this website during your lunch time club and catch up.


  • Creating Sprites see how to create the clown and wall sprites - (steps 1-4)
  • Creating Sounds see how to add the sounds for when our clown bounces of the wall and when we click on the clown with the mouse - (steps 5-6)
  • Creating Objects this shows you how to create the wall object, if you can do this you should be able to create the clown object too - (steps 7-8)