About Our Virtual Classroom

This site helps you make your first Game Maker game caled Catch the Clown. There is a user guide and videos that will help you understand how to create the game. The user guide is located under Lesson1 Main Task and you can use it over the three lessons. You will need to complete assessment tasks at the end of lessons 1 and 3 and you're final game will be marked for your end of unit assessment grade. Everyone is working towards either a level 4 or level 5 and you should ask your teacher for your level and write it in your journal to remind yourself. When we finish the Catch the Clown game everyone can use this website as a guide to help them make even better games in the nest set of lessons. Please keep reading to make sure you know what a sprite, object, event and action is and that you are able to explain them in your own words. The people that can do this will be able to reach a high level 5!

It's best to use Internet Explorer 8.0 to view this site. If you are working outside of the classroom the site is also tested to run on Firefox and Google Chrome.

You need to be online to use this site as it needs an internet connection for you to complete the end of lesson tasks :)